I am woman, see me blog

May 23, 2007

i am woman

Due to the recent bank holiday in Argentina there will be a short delay before evaluation commences.

This is my type of blog. The world as seen by a sensitive and perceptive woman. However, there have been attempts recently to lead the writer astray. The resistance has been minimal which is disappointing yet fascinating.

As soon as the Colonel returns from where ever he says he’s been, I’ll push for an endorsement.

Ashley Tutt PA

Well as Ms Tutt has expounded upon this ladies virtues and I can’t muster the energy to read past the title then I suppose a membership is to be issued. I’ve just returned from a rather distressing meeting with the chairlady of the geriatric poledancers association so need some quality time with my Scotch collection. Blog approved.

Colonel Reginald Fotherington-Blogworthy II CEO, MD, ARSE


2 Responses to “I am woman, see me blog”

  1. Lizza Says:

    Thank you very much, lady and gentleman.

    Ms. Tutt, I just might add you to my Goddesses Deserving of Worship list. See, another sign of my tendency to give in to certain things too easily.

    Colonel, my deepest sympathies. I’m sorry to hear your meeting with the chairlady of that certain association distressed you. I hope you recover your equilibrium soon; maybe next time you’ll be able to distinguish between the singular and the plural.

  2. Well done Lizza – a narrow victory by the look of it! I do feel that worshipping one Goddess at a time might be a better idea, certainly from my point of view.

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