That Grrl

June 14, 2007


Please don’t hesitate to contact the complaints department if you have any issues regarding present delays. If you cannot find the complaints department you may want to complain about that too.

Where the pesky Colonel is I don’t know.

Anyway ‘That Grrl’, who apparently is an earth witch on the quiet, is prime meat for the WBC and the Colonel. A heady mixture of photos and personal gossip is what we like – and a Canadian – almost British! hurrah.

Approved and blessed.

Ashley Tutt PA

I’m not sure what Ms Tutt is talking about, this Grrrl is obsessed with dolls and derelict houses – a strange and unseemly combination.

If my PA hadn’t jumped my gun so quickly I may have had reservations. Approval granted.

Colonel Reginald Fotherington-Blogworthy II CEO, MD, ARSE


4 Responses to “That Grrl”

  1. thatgrrl Says:

    I found the complaints department. They were complaining that no one is able to find them. They asked how I found them and I couldn’t really say.

  2. penfold Says:

    I tried to find the complaints department after they revoked my membership. I ended up in a skip round the back of the building. These are not good people…

  3. Ashley Tutt Says:

    Turn left and then up the stairs, turn round and go back down again. It’s clearly marked. If you want more help please don’t hesitate.

  4. Ashley Tutt Says:

    Sorry, I can’t help – you hesitated.

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