The traditional place to write information regarding the personality and lives of authors and contributors. We have none. So you will find none.

All job applications to be filed below.


10 Responses to “Personnel”

  1. I have no personality whatsoever – is the job mine or am I applying for a credit card – I’m slightly confused. This isn’t a job application is it? {sounds of man running away]

  2. Ashley Tutt Says:

    This looks right up my street – please contact me to discuss terms.

  3. Ms. Tutt – I have been through your particulars. Please come to my office for a debriefing.

  4. Ashley Tutt Says:

    You might be in for a shock Colonel.

  5. […] gruelling and thankless but on the upside is very poorly paid. All applications to be filed in the personnel department please. Posted by worldblogcouncil Filed in […]

  6. Lady Elizabeth Beckett Says:

    My dear Colonel,
    I would like to support the grand vision of the World Blog Council and do hereby submit my application. Please feel free to call me Lady Liz

  7. Mrs. Darcey Bingley Says:

    I may be interested in this position. Could you clarify the particulars of the opportunity?

  8. Master Sargeant Wadsworth Says:

    I hereby submit my application to the World Blog Council.

  9. Ashley Tutt Says:

    New applicants will have to wait. The Colonel is deciding whether to shave. This could take some time.

  10. Lady Beckett, Mrs Bingley and Master Wadsworth please could you mail me your curriculum vitae so I can make an informed decision on your rather vague job applications. The position and qualifications needed are also rather vague so an indication of desired duties would also be useful.

    Colonel Reginald Fotherington-Blogworthy II CEO, MD, ARSE

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