You can leave your blog’s URL here to be evaluated.

Please expect extremely long waiting lists and severe delays once application has been processed.


38 Responses to “Application”

  1. Bill Blunt Says:

    Please consider not completely ignoring my blog as a possible candidate for WBC membership. Just so long as you are fair and honest in your appraisal, then I can promise you a bundle of used fivers somewhere down the line.

  2. Do you know what nepotism means sonny? Remember your Mother can be terrible fearsome!!!!!!!!! [if you have one that is – sounds of whistling innocently]

    Please count me, as I’ve said before. [I’m a one for a start]

  3. I’m sorry Mr Papersurfer. It is unclear – is this an application or are you wasting vauable WBC time with your snivelling nonsense?

  4. DaddyP Says:

    Yes it is an application and yes I am wasting your valuable time.

  5. Ashley Tutt Says:

    Thank you Daddy Papersurfer. Your application is now under review.

  6. In my constant striving for celebrity mediocrity, I have found that awards are for others. After many years of not being sure if I was one or the other, I have finally decided I am an other.

    So an approval for an award appears to be a foregone conclusion. Not that I am looking for my own conclusion at this point in time.

    Speaking of which, I read elsewhere that Ashley Tutt was to be de-briefed. Does this mean he now has no nix on?

  7. Nothing should be taken for granted Mr Archive – especially the whereabouts of Ms Tutts undergarments. Your application has been noted. The whereabouts of that note will, I fear, become as apparent as the aforementioned ladies apparel.Colonel Reginald Fotherington-Blogworthy II CEO, MD, ARSE

  8. Should a search of the entire blogoswamp be undertaken for this apparently apsconded apparel?

    I have been known to inhabit the nether regions of the aforementioned wetlands and other moist places.

  9. penfold Says:

    For some reason the WBC has already issued me with a badge – does that mean that I don’t need evaluating or do I just mail a cheque to somebody?

  10. renalfailure Says:

    Renal Failure wants in. We’re a walking “of Doom” without a “Legion.”

  11. As regards your application Mr Failure – we will be bringing in medical staff to first assess your mental stability. If suitably unhinged then you can carry on to the evaluation stage.

    Colonel Reginald Fotherington-Blogworthy II CEO, MD, ARSE

  12. worldblogcouncil Says:

    Papersurfer your badge was issued prematurely – the Colonel has little self control. Please apply through the normal channels and don’t forget to include your cheque.

  13. Penfold Says:

    Please may I join the WBC? Okay? I’ve said it now…

  14. Please consider this comment as an application for my blog to be evaluated. I found the URL of this august Council through “I Am Woman, See Me Blog!”

    Many thanks.

  15. Matt-Man Says:

    Please review my site Bagwine Ruminations. Be as rough as you want, I like it rough. I came by via I Am Women See Me Blog. Cheers and continued mediocrity to you and yours.


  16. Turnbaby Says:

    I’ll play. Come check me out y’all. Lizza said y’all could be a little rough-that’s fine by me ;-p


  17. Lizza Says:

    I love my blog people. Strength in numbers, I say! With that (and because I’m such a wuss), I’m all yours — at least my blog is.

    P.S. Yes, this is a request for a membership review.

  18. Please be aware that applications placed in ‘groups’ will be treated on an individually biased basis.

  19. Nomes Says:

    Slightly terrified at what you might dig up from reading between my not-quite-as-pithy-as-you-and-yet-way-more-verbose lines, I hereby do submit my blog up to your chopping block of opinion.

    And by chopping block, I do mean the big ‘half-trunk’ that used to be up on a platform somewhere in the midst of a braying crowd. Bloodstains and all.


  20. Polliwog Says:

    I was sent here as I am queen of mediocrity. Please give me a tiara at once!

  21. Ev Nucci Says:

    Oh this is too much fun! Is it only mediocrity you seek or bloggers that are technologically challenged, and demonstrate pathetic attempts at comedy and are obviously out of their league with professional bloggers because they are working mothers? If the requirements are significantly low enough, and I mean very low as no one could consider myself a professional blogger……then if you are up to the challenge of actually reading my site and siting either 30 minutes of torture or 30 minutes of hysterics…then I do hereby submit my crazy wacky self on my Murphy’s Law Blog. But, if that is not worthy, then you might consider my Resource Economics Blog or Career Strategist. Either way, this was fun just submitting myself to such wonderful scrutiny. Bless you! I’ll be fascinated to see what you find! (warning…seriously technologically challenged)

  22. There is no time in blog appraisal for fun Ms Nucci. This is a very serious business. As you are new to the WBC this ‘enthusiasm’ will be overlooked and your blog sent for appraisal.

  23. gibbs cadiz Says:

    hi, mine’s at:

    looking forward to your feedback.

  24. JohnC Says:

    This is actually funnier than the time I dropped my last smidgen of toilet paper in a portapottie, and I had nothing but my skivvies to use if I ripped them off.

    Nice look, folks.

  25. lenay Says:

    Please consider my site for a blog review. I came across your blog while blog-hopping galore. Thanks a lot.

  26. Badthing Says:

    Hi worldblogcouncil people 🙂

    Well either you are interested in my blog or you’re not. Either way it is still my passion. 😉

    Peace, Love, Understanding and the Utmost Respect,

  27. thatgrrl Says:

    I would like my mediocre blog and all it’s typos reviewed. Thank you. I added the link up front cause it might be the most interesting thing you read after clicking upon it.

  28. Justin Says:

    Hi there!

    I hope you like my blog, it has to do with the most important aspects of society: politics and religion!



  29. Ashley Tutt Says:

    Hang on in there everyone! It’ll be worth the wait……..honestly.

  30. Angel Says:

    I’m applying!

  31. Lord Likely Says:

    Should any of you blasted no-goods get around to carrying out the business of approving web-logs again, then may you consider

    It would add a touch of class to your roster, I feel.

  32. Shay Says:

    Would like to ear from you all!

  33. dean Says:

    Hi. Please do consider reading and evaluating — don’t worry, the blog name doesn’t bite.

  34. I would like to re-apply as I’ve moved …… there’s no rush though ……. I know how busy you are

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